It is an age of advancement of technology. A scientist named Josh Wagner is working on his own project. After working on it about ten years, he saw the success. It would revolutionize quantum computing. We will be able to count near planks constant. It opens billions of opportunities. But he has a particular one in his mind. His beloved wife and two children left him because of this project. So, after the project, he decided to fix his mistake. He makes a will.

Josh Wagner made 12 copies of the consciousness of himself. According to his will, his consciousness will be replaced only in 30 years old artificial biogenic bodies. His work on counting nearly solved the decision-making problem. So, those copies are nearly as human as him, as talented as him and so on. Josh wants his clones to live an average person’s life. He wants them to take trips, go fishing, seek adventure, get married, raise children. In short, he wants them to have a life.  After creating copies, he goes to sleep to the cryogenic chamber as the law of the world dictates that you can’t have simultaneous existence.

After nearly 250 years later, he wakes up. Because his clones lived their life. He was curious. According to his calculation, he should sleep at least 100 more years. So, what went wrong? He login to the database to learn about his clones. He was shocked! After a waking up in the new body, his clones started to do something new. But they get bored! Then they tried to engage themselves in a job but always has doubt. This self-doubt causes suicide 4 times and only 2 of them were successful like Josh but according to their videos and other uploads to the social media, they all lead a miserable life. Josh finally realized his mistake. The choice you make, it creates who you are. Life isn’t fair. You have to live with what you have already chosen. There is no ‘what if’, it is just a leisure time fantasy!



Review of the Month: March 2017

Prediction of CO in the Atmosphere of Sylhet

At the end of the last month, I have completed the calculation. But while I was doing that I have found some problems in the calculation of the seasonal portion of the modeling. Then I find out where the problem started. When I separated the non-seasonal equation and seasonal equation, I made a writing error in the seasonal portion. I corrected this mistake but completed the original calculation with the help of the NumXl toolbar extension. I almost completing writing the paper. I hope, when Mr. Rony Basak will come back from India, I would be able to send him the draft and submit it for publication. I have also prepared a spreadsheet for prediction of NO2 in the atmosphere. Let’s see what happens next. I hope after the acceptation of this paper I would write an article on this topic.


Book Chapters on ‘Coastal Landforms’ and ‘Coastal Sediments’

I have provided an outline of my book chapters on ‘Coastal Landforms’. I think the content wasn’t rich. I should add peninsula. I am preparing my lectures on coastal sediments. I am looking for more details about the process of landforms and how they contain different types of sediments so that the two chapters look elegant next to each other.


The Selection of a New Project

Under the course on ‘Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in System Modeling,month-long’ we must have to submit a project where we must use GIS and remote sensing software month-long negotiation and brain storming we have come to a decision that we are going to complete an analysis of the river Teesta (Bangladesh Portion). The project is divided into two portion: 1.Physical and 2. Social. Along with my fellow classmate Mr. Shahparan Ahmed and Minhaj Hasan, I would perform a morphological analysis of this river. We are reviewing literature now and looking for available data. Both Mr. Rony Basak, Assistant Professor and Mr. Md. Tariqul Islam, Lecturer of the department are in charge of this project.

Coastal Landforms

As part of my graduate coursework on ‘Coastal and Marine Environment’, I am assigned to write a book chapter on coastal landforms. I made a presentation that demonstrates the outline of my chapter. I demonstrated this presentation today. This presentation is being made based on the content given on the ‘Coastal Geomorphology An Introduction’ by Eric Bird and ‘Fundamentals of Geomorphology’ by Richard John Huggett. The link of this presentation is given bellow:

Coastal Landform- Book Chapter Outline


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